Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Saptarshi Mazumdar, Dimapur

Dear Sir
This is indeed commendable work. I truly appreciate your effort from the very core of my heart. My family hails from Silchar. My ancestral house was in Daccai Patty, Sadarghat. I was born and brought up there and I feel the present generation must know about the politics of language. I am a teacher by profession and I used to teach “The Last Lesson by Alphonse Daudet”. It’s a beautiful story about language and identity.
We know our stories, but unfortunately many among us know not the reality. I have come across many Bengalis (born after 1975) especially from central and upper Assam who know nothing about the revolution of 19th May that rocked Cachar and brought the then tyrannical Government of Assam to its keen.
The message of the martyrs needs to be spread. Their blood was not shed in vain. People need to know what the love for mother tongue is and how it is an inseparable aspect of our identity and last but not least how the Bengalis of Barak Valley have again and again paid tribute to their Mother Tongue by their blood.

I must say again that you have done a really good thing. The website will tell the Bengali youth of NE India about who they are and what their identity is; and to all others it will show a chunk of history that ought not to be forgotten because forgetting it will be forgetting our mother and forgetting ourselves.


Saptarshi Majumder

TGT English

Kendriya Vidyalaya Dimapur

Dimapur, Nagaland -797112

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