Sunday, May 16, 2010

From"dibyendu das"

Dear Suvho da,

First of all congratulation and thank you for the work. You people had really done an appreciable job by creating the "Unishe May" website, It will be very nice if you can ask people or by yourselves to upload some pictures,comments about the feelings of the day Unishe May. Now, I would like to request you please try make a film on Unishe May. I know you and your team can do that. It is obviously be a bit tuff but If you can make a film then our next generation will know what exactly is the Unishe May. Because after 30/35 years from now there will not be any living eye witness to tell anything about the special day of the bengalees of the valley. Its a request from me, please keep it in your mind so that it can become a reality. I really think it is possible.

Thank you very much again for the effort you people put to create the website.

Yours truly

Dibyendu Das(Nupur)


  1. নেটে বাংলা লেখা জনপ্রিয় কর শুভদা। কী অদ্ভূত, বরাকের কেউ এখনো এখানে বাংলা ব্যবহার জানেই না। তুমি আর আমি ছাড়া!

  2. thanks a lot for creating this new website.

  3. Hello, Subha Uncle, well let me introduce myself. I am Mamiya Mukherjee, Daughter of Asit Kumar Mukherjee (the person from State Bank of India, and who was also associated with Ganabigyan Sangstha, Silchar), perhaps you know him. I just saw a comment from Mr. Dibyendu Das, asking you to make a film on Unishe May. Thats very thoughtful of him. But may be you are unaware of the fact that this time before Unishe May, i came down from Mumbai to Silchar with the sole purpose of making a Docu-drama on Unishe May (as I had already completed my direction course from Zee Institute of Media Arts). After much turmoil and hard labour of 2 months, I finally accomplished the movie, which was even screened in Silchar on 16th June, 2010. But my main motive behind that movie was to make people aware of Unishe, and I tried my level best to bring out the key features of Unishe through my film. So I would earnestly request you to kindly upload this information in your website that a movie on Unishe is already there in Silchar and people should watch this movie to know more about Unishe. For this I felt your website is one of the best ways. Because even after making the movie for the Silcharites, they don't know about this, my whole labour and dedication will be a total waste. I have always heard tons of praises about you from my father, so I thought you will be the best person to contact.
    With regards,
    Mamiya Mukherjee
    Phone: 09029458615/09435172938